no 3 by JK Klett parfume

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Third parfume of fashion designer Jitka Klett, no 3 symbolizes ambitious woman, gentle rebel with romantic soul.

no 3 by JK Klett is a scent for all the ladies and gentlemen who enjoy elegant citrus and white floral fragrances. The sweet rainy jasmine pleasantly peeks through introspective and incredibly positive smell with depth of silence, but is by no means silent.

The exclusive box hides a beautiful surprise for you in the form of a unique design bottle and occasional parfume packagings are holding another surprise. The feminine enthusiasm and positive energy, along with the craftsmanship of team of professionals embedded in the production of this new fragrance are our legacy for you. It is what accompanies the parfume from the moment you put your hand on it until the moment you „dress in it“ for the first time.

The initial composition was blended for you in cooperation with our partners in France and was finally completed in oriental Dubai. Unique is also the whole perfume visual, which makes this exclusive and sophisticated scent look like a jewel. We hope JK Klett’s no 3 value will be appreciated in your days at least as much too.