History of the Brand

Fashion brand JK Klett was established in connection to Jitka Klett’s many years of experiences in couture making and extends back to year 1994. Her unique and original models with strong emphasis on femininity in addition to individualistic and already iconic textile designs are timeless and elegant. Except for brand’s own parfume and line of fashion accessories, regular two new Ready to Wear collections for seasons Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter are created yearly.


  • Introduction of Jitka Klett’s new Couture collection during Paris Fashion Week at the Oriental Fashion Show in Paris at the luxury hotel Peninsula.
  • Internship of the French student Dorian Meyer, who had the opportunity to participate in the new mini collection for the ready to wear line JK Klett Black and White by Dorian Meyer.
  • Milan Fashion Week and the presentation of the new ready to wear collection JK Klett PURA 2022.
  • Jitka Klett for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival and Red Carpet Cannes 2022.
  • Maroc Fashion Week in Oriental Marrakech, the show was held along the beautiful pool of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.


The JK Klett PURA 2022 collection is full of soft pastel tones, luxurious materials, harmony and elegance, which is characteristic of Jitka Klett’s work.

PURA symbolizes purity and inner well-being of our feelings and mental health. The inspiration for this delicate print was pure nature, and in addition to delicate plants, the motif also hides representatives from the animal kingdom.

Let the calm colours of this collection transport you to nature, even if you’re walking through an urban jungle.



  • Introducing the new JK Klett No3 perfume
  •  Creation of a mini edition of perfect leather handbags in collaboration with New York designer George Diao, whom Jitka Klett met in 2015 during her show at New York Fashion Week
  • Supporting the Happy Hearts Czech charity project by donating 100 CZK from the sale of each LIBERTA sweatshirt
  • Photo shoot with Veronika Arichteva in our LIBERTA collection for Amazing magazine
  • Volunteering with the Happy Hearts Czech charity in Mexico was truly an experience. Jitka Klett was involved in the construction of one of the schools being built by the organization
  • Caste Morrely Fashion Week 2021 in Romania
  • Jitka Klett attended the Karlovy Vary Festival for the first time, soaked up the festival atmosphere and enjoyed a pleasant day with friends and business partners
  • Happy Hearts Czech Galadinner at Prague Castle
  • Collaboration with FAnn perfumery
  • Jitka Klett became the first Czech woman to win the silver Oscar Della Moda award, the gala was held in Florence, Italy


In a time full of change, we are most aware of our love for our country and return back to our land. The Czech and Slovak flags are united by the colours red, blue and white. In the new LIBERTA collection, fashion designer Jitka Klett expresses, among other things, the connection between the now two independent countries, going through the same thorny path of the pandemic period that we first began to experience in 2020. The colours that symbolise these two national flags and also the history of Czechoslovakia will always be special to us, and when else to unite and enjoy the beauty of our country than in this difficult time. Let’s wear the collection proudly and with love, just like the face of the campaign, Karolína Bosáková, model and director of the Happy Hearts Foundation.



  • Introducing the new TERRA Spring/Summer 2020 collection, inspired by the idea of understanding and connecting with nature
  • Jitka Klett Couture fashion show at the E-Commerce Ball at the Slavic House in Prague
  • Creation of a new limited edition protective drape called “Protect yourself and others in style”
  • Presentation of the new LIBERTA collection by JK Klett
  • Opening of JK Klett boutique with all Ready to Wear collections in Prague on Haštalská Street
  • Presentation of the LIBERTA collection during Czech fashion week 2020 in Teplice, Czech Republic


New TERRA collection by JK Klett is inspired by the idea of appreciation of and connection with nature. It awakens sense of harmony, tranquility, freedom and also confidence. Interest in healthy planet and humanity is visible in philosophy and colorfulness of print inspired by planet Earth.  Designed and manufactured from luxurious silk, soft cottons and recycled polyesters and revolutionary tencels, TERRA is genuine investment into fashion and environment.


  • Introduction of new Matrix collection for Autumn/Winter 2019 pointing to fragile boundaries between reality and digital world.
    Article in Forbes Magazine Slovakia on Jitka Klett`s brand story and interesting details of fashion industry.
  • Invitation by Fashion TV to Miss Fashion TV Awards in Cyprus and showcasing our collection at this prestigious event where Jitka Klett was also a jury member.
  • Detailed interview with Jitka Klett about the brand in EsenceMag magazine.
    Participation at the most important fashion event of the year in Slovakia, Kosice Fashion Week and Summit introducing Matrix collection.
  • Invitation to Czech Fashion Night 2019 in Prague Klementinum, where Matrix collection was introduced by finalists of Look Bella 2019 event in Prague Klementinum.
  • Article in Woman Perfect Magazine about festive season and how to dress up during one. 
  • Presenting at E-Commerce Ball in Prague which was followed by MODA.CZ article about Jitka Klett Couture which was behind the most elegant robes at this event.
  • Expansion of our Prague fashion studio /Haštalská Street/ creation of new showroom for our Couture collection
    Introducing our new RTW collection SS 2019 INTEGRITY /photo-shooting of collection in the desert in Dubai /United Arab Emirates/


Collection Matrix Autumn / Winter 2019 with its digital design in limited print ingeniously connects timelessness with the world of new technologies. Online underground and flow of internet energy that surround us have left infinite and constant inspiration footprint on exclusive textiles the collection is made of. Pattern designs are represented strictly and with minimalism, but with precision and emphasis to detail and comfort, so specific to all JK Klett creations. Matrix is a convenient step into digital world.


Veil of delicate atmosphere of the sand dunes quietly reflecting the female beauty and its contrast projected in strength and perseverance of sand storms gently emerges in woman’s silhouettes from material surface. With its natural composition, highest quality linens and delicate silks in comfortable cuts mirror a magical diversity of the desert, the sea and the sky and with their colors evoke the calm level of a refreshing oasis of unparalleled style. Significant element of the collection is an opulent lace, much like inspiration from traditional hand crocheting that with its tenderness contributes to the graphic adaptation of the material’s print.


  • Start of sale of JITKA KLETT Prague collections at Amilcar Concept Store in Nice /France/
    Fashion Show & Charity dinner JITKA KLETT for Fashion Revolution Košice / continuation of our successful charity fashion shows
  • Fashion Show JITKA KLETT for Fashion Revolution Prague / charity fashion show for the purpose of supporting the charity project JITKA KLETT for Fashion Revolution / the aim of this year is to support students of fashion schools from the Czech Republic and Slovakia and talented young fashion designers:
    • a part of both fashion shows was a unique live performance that combined fashion, classical music, dance and poetry
    • introduction of seven luxury models that were designed by Jitka Klett on the themes of the classical music performed during the shows
  • Launching of the project Women’s Success JITKA KLETT / cooperation with the most successful women of the Czech Republic
  • Presentation during FASHION WEEK 2018 /Beirut/
  • Store at Slovanský dům moves to the biggest store space at Slovanský dům / closing of POP-UP concept store and creating a unique shopping place selling our black-white collection
  • Opening of our second shop at Prague The Style Outlets near Prague Airport and official introduction of a new JK KLETT logo
  • Introducing our new collection AW 2018 – 2019 GRACE / very first RTW collection designed especially for stores
  • Relaunching the business strategy of our brand/designing of the new logo for our RTW collections/preparation for expansion of stores
  • Fashion Show at Albatros Botel on Vltava River /Prague, Czech Republic/
  • Presentation during MODA Fashion Days in Český Krumlov /Czech Republic/
  • Introducing our new collection SS 2018 INSPIRA


Grace collection symbolizes confidence and woman’s gracefulness that are the most distinctive elements of JK Klett’s designs. Combination of intensive red, blue and grey hues and black color are intensified by silver details and all colors harmoniously blend together in geometric print flattering woman’s curves. Collections elegance is represented by exclusive silk, cotton, brocade and tulle and neoprene material. Practicality so important to women is underlined by the sport elements.


Inspira collection awakens all the senses and at the same time brings magical peacefulness and tranquility. In high quality natural materials with exquisite authorial print inspired by summer garden dominates creative input of Vladimira Ilkovic that over the course of longtime contributes to production of original prints with Jitka Klett. Inspira collection’s print is also carried onto brocade textiles in jacquard finish. Jacuard materials in combination with printed textiles contribute to timeless exclusive outfits.


  • Opening of the first store /POP-UP/ in Prague on one of the most prestigious streets /Na Příkopě/ at Slovansky dum /Czech Republic/
  • JITKA KLETT Prague Castle Fashion Show /Ball Room of Prague Castle/
  • Fashion show during FASHION WEEK 2017 /Košice, Slovakia/
  • Design of exclusive collection of evening gowns with Swarovski components for finalists of Miss Slovakia 2017 for live TV broadcast
  • Presentation at PURE LONDON /London, Great Britain/
  • Introducing our new RTW collection AW 2017-2018 LAPOESIA
  • Introducing our new RTW collection SS 2017 ESTRELA


Outfits from La Poesie collection revel in sultry poetry. Just as hand painted luxurious Kashmir design in La Poesie materials hides inside strong inspiration from nature in form of its smallest mysterious members, woman’s grace and tender touch of romanticism are concealed in her eeriness and virtuous allurement. Nothing in her life is as it may seem at the first glance. In authorial print you will find hidden elements symbolizing this sentiment.


Playfull, perceptive and brave woman inspired to combinations of shapes and colors by clean form of design is ideal image of ESTRELLA collection. Limited unique print in mostly natural materials with attention to comfort and practicality is influenced by work of spanish artist Joan Mirò. Author is known by his dream painting and harmony of composition developing freedom and fantasy. Journey to self-knowledge in ESTRELLA is a journey to liberating life.


  • Move of our fashion studio in Košice to more exclusive space in the historical centre of city Košice /Mlynská Street/
  • Presentation during KOŠICE FASHION WEEK 2016
  • Constitution of the charity project JITKA KLETT for Fashion Revolution:
    • a unique charity fashion show organized to support our charity project JITKA KLETT for Fashion Revolution in Kunsthalle /Košice/, for this fashion show a real swimming pool was built inside the building
    • introducing our perfume /as symbol of our charity project/
    • introduction of our charity project in Prague /Czech Republic/, Dubai /United Arab Emirates/ and in New Delhi /India/
    • the funds raised were used to help children
    • our charity project JITKA KLETT for Fashion Revolution is still active today
  • Introducing of RTW collection AW 2016 – 2017 ESPIRITI
  • Introducing of second RTW collection SS 2016 BRELLA


Jitka Klett’s early idea creating Espirity collection is to point towards chaotic atmosphere of era and our ability to pause and offer some thoughts about our own existence. Once again she is expressing her own incomparable style in which art and fashion are exceptionally connected by creating harmony, while drawing inspiration from artworks of abstract expressionist and calligrahpy artist from Middle East Irfan Haider Mirza and the emotions surrounding us throughout. Collection is enriched with accessories in form of stylish handbags and shoes, complemented by furs and for the first time introduces her own denim line.


Brella collection is a tribute to extraordinary woman, world recognized choreographer Boba Brella who was a close friend of designer Jitka Klett. With its mood and atmosphere Brella exhales romanticism and was inspired by powder tones of nature and fluidity of movement characterized by tenderness, ease and elegance found in natural textiles. In connection with its individualistic design neatly integrating geometry into flower pattern, Brella explodes with harmony.


  • Fashion show during Harbin Fashion Week /China/
  • Fashion show during ESTET FASHION WEEK in Moscow /Russia/
  • Moving of Prague fashion studio to the current address in exclusive space in the historical centre of Prague /Haštalská Street/
  • Presentation during UNIQUE FASHION WEEK 2015 /Prague, Czech Republic/
  • Presentation during KOŠICE FASHION WEEK 2015 /Slovakia/
  • Fashion show during SUMMER FASHION WEEK BY L.I.P.S. /Beirut/
  • Title-page of prestigious Arabic magazine MODA STYLE
  • Introduction of first official RTW collection INFINITY at Boscolo Hotel in Prague /Czech Republic/
  • Introduction of a tradition of creating promo videos and catalogues, the start of preparations for future selling of RTW collection in stores


Infinity collection is in many aspects first. It brings first authorial print by Jitka Klett’s creative team designed and crafted exclusively for the first Ready to Wear collection. 
Purest and most observant minds are those that love color and the thought to influence the mood of a holder with radiant colors is visible from every outfit. Print is significantly outlined on silk and polyester blend and in combination with leather and glass symbolizes carefree attitude and color enjoyment. Collection’s frolicsomeness is complemented by first designer socks.


  • Presentation during KOŠICE FASHION WEEK 2014
  • Presentation of wedding dresses designed with cooperation with Preciosa components at Prague Castle /Czech Republic/
  • Presentation during Couture Fashion Week in New York /USA/
  • Presentation of work of Jitka Klett FASHION DESIGN in the magazine BOOK MODA /Italy/
  • Fashion show during FASHION TV SUMMER FESTIVAL in Mamaia /Romania/


  • Creation of a new author’s collection Magic of Elements inspired by photographs of the former President of the Slovak Republic Rudolf Schuster taken during his numerous travels around different corners of the world. Its most dominant influence is the nature of Iceland and Greenland and its representation is creatively projected into material prints of this collection. Integration of always inspiring nature into natural silk chiffon textiles is particularly visible in lightness of pattern design.
    Photo: Vladimir Lorinc, Location : Prague / Czech Republic
  • Cooperation with glassmaker Gordana Turuk / collection of dresses made with 24-carat gold
    Creation of two original models of wedding dresses in cooperation with Preciosa
  • Fashion show ART FASHION SHOW JITKA KLETT / A unique blend of art and fashion / Presentation of projects with Rudolf Schuster, Gordana Turuk and Precisa components:
    • Abu Dhabi /United Arab Emirates/ Emirates Palace Hotell
    • Prague /Czech Republic/ St. Anne’s Church
    • Košice /Slovakia/ Kulturpark
  • Unique project in cooperation with Filip Diamonds/design of exclusive evening gowns Diamond Dress and Sapphire Dress
  • Introducing project Diamond Dress and Sapphire Dress at the State Opera /Prague/ and presentation of this project in the media/Travel Fever, Gate, Statuss, Svadba/
  • Fashion show in Dubai /United Arab Emirates/


  • Presentation on International Wedding Exhibition at the Municipal House /Prague, Czech Republic/
  • Incredibly timeless color harmony influenced by nature in paintings of multimedia artist Vladimir Obr motivated designer Jitka Klett creating her first collection of her own authorial prints. Unique artwork of author is graphically adjusted and transferred onto material print in collaboration with Katarina Adamkova, the owner of The Art Residence Gallery Prague. Love and respect of nature is mirrored throughout the collection in Jitka Klett’s own creative and effortless manner and is visible in its every detail. Apart from clothing, collection is enhanced by line of women’s swimwear.
    Photo: Jan Plachy, Location: Ostrov Piran/ Slovinsko 
  • Fashion show Jitka Klett Fashion Gourmet Show at Lichfield restaurant


  • Opening of our exclusive fashion studio in Prague on the main square of Prague’s Malá Strana /Czech Republic/
  • Introducing the new logo JITKA KLETT Fashion Design Prague
  • Start of creating of our own unique patterns and collections inspired by artists and architecture / collection Kempinski inspired by exterior and interior of the Kempinski Hotel in Prague
  • Fashion show at Kempinski Hotel Prague /Czech Republic/
  • Fashion show JITKA KLETT Fashion Show at Augustine Hotel in Prague /Czech Republic/


  • Participation in the fashion project Russian Slovak Fashion Revolution in Bratislava /Slovakia/
  • Preparing the expansion of the brand to the Czech Republic


  • Travelling exhibition celebrating15 years of fashion brand Jitka Klett / exhibitions at the East Slovak Gallery /Košice, Slovakia/ and at the Slovak Institute in Prague /Czech Republic/
  • Presentation of our latest collections at the residence of the Slovak ambassador in Prague with the participation of other ambassadors
  • Fashion shows during Slovak Fashion Tour at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Košice /Slovakia/, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Žilina /Slovakia/ and at the Park Inn Hotel in Bratislava /Slovakia/


  • Our fashion studio in Košice is undergoing reconstruction in order to increase comfort for the ever-growing Slovak and international clientele
  • Presentation during Envy Fashion Week at the Mercedes-Benz showroom /Košice, Slovakia/
  • Designing a collection of evening dresses for Miss Slovakia 2008 that were worn during the final show of Miss World in Johannesburg /South Africa/


  • First collection of accessories of our brand
  • Introducing body lotion and shower gel as part of a beauty collection with the perfume JKLETT
  • Participation in the fashion event Slavic Beauty in Belgrade /Serbia/ with other European fashion designers
  • Fashion show at State Theatre in Košice /Slovakia/
  • Fashion show at Augustine Hotel in Prague /Czech Republic/


  • Renaming of fashion brand JM MODA into Fashion Studio JKLETT
  • Introduction of our first perfume JKLETT
  • Fashion show in a real circus tent built on one of the main squares in Košice /Slovakia/
  • Fashion show at Žofín Palace /Prague, Czech Republic/

2003 – 2005

  • Ongoing cooperation with commercial station TV JOJ
  • Fashion show at Hotel Bankov /Košice, Slovakia/ and Grand Hotel Bohemia /Prague, Czech Republic/
  • Fashion show at the Old Town Hall in Košice /Slovakia/
  • Fashion show during a charity event in Košice with other Czech and Slovak fashion designers


  • Designing evening dresses and wedding dresses
  • Designing of a collection of cocktail dresses for the Slovak finalists of Supermodel of the World
  • Cooperation with the commercial TV station TV JOJ on the styling and overall image of their new TV channel
  • Editorial of evening dresses presented in Dubai /United Arab Emirates/, published in magazine EMMA
  • Fashion show at the State Theatre in Košice /Slovakia/


  • Fashion studio in Košice moves to the most prominent space in the centre of city /Slovakia/
  • Jitka Mikulová presents her work in magazines and fashion websites /Czech Republic and Slovakia/
  • Designing a collection of evening dresses with Allure jewellery
  • Fashion show at the State Theatre in Košice /Slovakia/

1999 – 2000

  • Jitka Mikulová gains more clients thanks to her consistent work
  • Regularly published in the fashion magazine IMAGE
  • Fashion show at the State Theatre in Košice /Slovakia/
  • Starting of a tradition of cooperation with other Czech and Slovak designers


  • Changes in the design strategy of brand / start of creation of individual and made-to-measure dresses
  • Opening of a fashion studio in the centre of city /Košice, Slovakia/
  • Start of our tradition of regular fashion shows

1996 – 1997

  • Production is focused on knitwear for Czech and Slovak retailers
  • Fashion shows in Slovakia /Košice, Banská Bystrica, Bratislava/


  • Jitka Mikulová organizes her very first solo fashion show in Slovakia
  • Focusing of work on knitwear


  • Designer Jitka Klett, nee Mikulová, incorporates her own fashion brand JM MODA